RomBee is the app that allows you to sell and buy
   second-hand/second-hand clothes and accessories throughout Switzerland simply and quickly.

RomBee is the app that allows you to sell and buy second-hand clothes and accessories throughout Switzerland simply and quickly.


RomBee is a networking app for individuals wishing to sell and/or to purchase clothing and accessories from second hand. The goal: create a Swiss community through the sale of second-hand clothes and accessories online.


Several conditions are necessary to sell and buy items on the platform to ensure optimum safety. The contact details of each vendor are verified. We do everything possible to offer you the most serene experience possible.

After-sales service

Providing fast and quality after-sales service is our priority. We are committed to you give a complete answer as soon as possible. Do not hesitate to contact us for any request.


By using RomBee, you extend the life of your clothing and accessories by selling them on the app. You will participate in the circular economy and will naturally contribute to addressing the current climate emergency.

How does it work?


Create an account, it will allow you to access your profile and all available articles.

Apply for vendor :

Go to your profile and fill in these informations :
• Confirm your phone number
• Confirm your address
Then you will appear in the app as « vérified vendor » and will be able to post your articles.


Take your article in photo, describe it by completing the information, enter your price then Publish your announcement. Publishing articles is free.


Below are the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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What is RomBee?

RomBee is a Swiss online platform for private buyers and sellers. The items offered are sold or bought at a fixed price. Once the sale has been concluded, the buyer and the seller receive all the necessary information for the smooth the good progress of this one.

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Can I sign up?

Only persons who have reached the age of 18 may register.

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How do I save my favorite items?

To save your favorite articles, just click on the heart icon, which can be found next to the pictures of the article. To access your favorite articles, click on the icon heart that is at the top of your screen, in the main navigation bar.

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Can I ask the seller(s) questions?

Under each article publication, you have the opportunity to ask questions to the seller.

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How do I pay for the purchased item?

The seller is notified by email for each purchase. This one has 72 hours to send the item upon receipt of payment.

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What should I do if the seller doesn't respond?

Remind the seller by email or phone that your payment has been made and ask for the proof of sending the package. If the seller were to refuse the sale, it is advisable to take steps Legal for more information.

Soon, a user evaluation system will be set up to rate the seller honestly to warn other buyers Important: RomBee cannot control shipments, nor assess the condition of a product and is therefore not in a position to act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers.

Therefore, please always contact the other party first. We can then write to the seller if he does not respond.

Join the Bees community and support the environment on your scale!

In the last ten years, the Swiss have doubled their consumption of clothing. Only a tiny part of these garments is integrated into the second-hand sector. opportunity or recycling. For the most part, these clothes end up in huge open-air landfills and are burned, generating dangerous toxic gases.